Natural pest control methods

Organic gardening basically means using the least harmful method of controlling pests and diseases. It also means that the plant is not looked on as an isolated thing but part of bigger ecological system and doing what’s best for the system as a whole instead of what’s best for just the plant. Organic pest control doesn't have to mean fruits and veggies riddled with worms. Your vegetable or fruit garden can thrive without the addition of poisons.

Spraying chemicals on the plant is the answer for many gardeners, either preventatively, or for treatment, but this method of pest control has major disadvantages.

First, it creates more work in the garden, with the need to keep spraying whenever there’s a problem and that will be often. Secondly, pesticides won’t kill just the pests, but also the predators of the pests you are trying to kill and all-important bees and soil life as well.

Finally, there is increasing evidence that pesticides are harmful to human health, and many are persistent in the environment.

Simply said, spraying poison on your food might not be the best idea. The good news is, there are very effective organic, all-natural ways you can control pests in the garden that are not only better for the environment and your health, but also much less work once set up.

It takes more time and more thought to grow food organically but it’s better for the ecosystem and your family. Over time you will figure out what works best for you and your garden. Just remember to keep notes while you’re learning.