Rosa canina

Dog Rose - Rosa canina

Family: Rose Family (Rosaceae)
Short description: Height up to 3 meters
Flowers: The flowers are light pink, 5 - 6 cm and on bald stalks in sepals with few narrow fiddles. These are repulsed after flowering and fall off before fruit ripeness.
Leaves: Leaves are 5- to 7-fold pinnate
Habitat: forest edges, hedges, bushes
Collection time: flowers from June – July, fruits from October to December
Use: The rosehips contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits and vitamins A, B1, B2, E and K as well as minerals and fruit acids.

Rosehip cores to deacidify the body

You have to dry the kernels and then mortar. Now take a spoon of shredded rosehip seeds and cook them in a quarter of a liter of water for 20 minutes and drink them swallowed. This tea increases the kidney activity and cleanses the intestines. Rosehip also acts deacidifying