Rumex acetosa

Common Sorrel - Rumex acetosa

Family: Knotweed Family (Polygonaceae)
Common names: sorrel
Short description: Height 30 - 100 cm
Flowers: red-green in loose panicles
Leaves: basal stems, leaves 2-6 times as long as broad, arrow-shaped, with pointed, downward-pointing corners, slightly fleshy, sour-tasting
Habitat: meadows, pastures, roadsides, nitrogen indicator
Collection time: from May to June
Use: Common Sorrel can be used as a spinach, for soups and salads, but enjoy in moderation if you have kidney weakness or bladder stones. The oxalic acid in the plants then harms them. The plant is a versatile wild vegetable and contains many minerals and contains a lot of vitamin C. Since the plant cleanses the intestine and the blood, it is well suited for a purifying treatment. For this you can mash smoothies - green smoothies - with meadow sorrel.