Potentilla erecta, Potentilla tormentilla

Tormentil - Potentilla erecta, Potentilla tormentilla

Family: Rose Family (Rosaceae)
Common names: seven finger
Short description: Height 10 - 30 cm, stems ascending or lying down
with 4 slightly indented petals, about 1 cm in size
Leaves: leaves fingered, sitting, leaflets 1 - 2 cm long, roughly serrated
Roots: Rhizomes tuberous to whorled, black-brown, truncated rhizome turns red
Habitat: Mild grasslands, heaths, fens, sunny slopes, embankments, light forests, forest roads, on nutrient-poor, often acidic soils
Collection time: roots from March to October, Flowers from June to September
Use: The rhizome works by tannins against diarrhea and inflammation in the mouth and throat. A tincture of the Tormentil calms the stomach.

Tormentil tincture

Root parts of the Tormentil
(These are highest as thick and as long as a thumb)
at least 40% alcohol

Clean the root parts and place them in screwed glass (about 2/3 root parts). Then douse them with alcohol until the glass is full and put it in a warm place. After about 6 - 8 weeks, filter the mixture.
For gastric problems, take one teaspoon of it.