“The wetlands are the territory of swamps, fens, moorlands and areas covered with water, natural and artificial, permanent or temporary, with standing or flowing water, fresh, brackish or salt, including the areas with sea water with the depth during the low tide not exceeding six meters.”

The wetlands belong to the most significant reservoirs of water. Currently, however, they belong to the most endangered ecosystems. They retain water in the landscape, have a positive effect on the climate, are able to absorb carbon dioxide from the air and are a habitat for endangered species of flora and fauna.

What is a wetland? It is the territory of moorlands, swamps or fens covered with water that does not exceeds six meters in depth during the low tide. The cause of endangering of wetlands is the conversion of wetlands on agricultural land, wide area draining, and flow regulation, construction of water dams, peat digging and urbanization.